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Savings up to 30% Over Powered Mats

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A solid black colored mat. Offers all the custom shape and size flexibility you need at a more affordable price

Icon Yellow Quality Edge Stitching on Every Mat

Icon Yellow 3.5mm Thick

Icon Yellow Made in the USA

Icon Yellow Virtually any Shape or Size

Over Powered Mats
Over Powered Game Mats



The custom shape and size flexibility you need with the added bonus of custom graphics. Add your own image or choose one from our gallery!

Icon Yellow Quality Edge Stitching on Every Mat

Icon Yellow 3.5mm Thick

Icon Yellow Made in the USA

Icon Yellow Virtually any Shape, Size, or Design


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Pick a Shape

Choose from 7 different shapes that best fits your table

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Set Dimensions

Input your table dimensions for a custom fit

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Customize — Get Creative!

Add your own image or choose from our curated gallary (For custom image mats only)

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Add to cart and just like that — your gaming set up just got an upgrade!

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Overpowered Mats upgrade your gaming or desk setup while adding an additional layer to protect your surfaces and game pieces. Create an immersive gaming experience for table-top games with the option to add a custom image to the mat!

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3.5mm Thick

Premium polyester finish with a thick, grippy underlayer

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Made in the USA

Every raw material and manufacturer associated with this product is from the USA

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Cut Accuracy

Each mat is precision cut using state-of-the-art machinery



We will begin fulfilling pre-orders for black custom size mats in Dec 2022.

Yes! Absolutely! This is one of the main reasons we chose to automate our cut process. We wanted to allow anyone to get any shape mat they wanted.

Always roll your mat up fabric side facing outward. Never fold the mat as that will leave creases. Often, the mat will curl slightly around the edges from being rolled up and stored for an extended period of time. This curl will subside as the product lay on your table. Of course, if you're like us and play games daily, you can leave your mat on the table! Just be sure not to eat Cheetos on top of it!

If some drink or food gets on your mat, we suggest you use a warm water and blot it out as best as posible. For more severe accidents, you can rub gently with warm water and a mild soap. Our product uses a very high grade, premium fabric that is extremely soft to the touch and works wonderfully for card games. But because of that, it is not prone to being used in the washer or dryer. Please avoid putting your mat in a washing machine. And be sure to lay it flat to dry.

Absolutely, but we wouldn't suggest leaving it outside. The product should not be left in extreme weather conditions. Room temperature is typically best. That said , taking your mat outside on a nice sunny day with a cool breeze to play a card or board game for a couple of hours is encouraged! Just be sure to bring it back inside when you're done. It'll likely stay cleaner that way too. Please be aware that the sun will naturally bleach the colors over time.

We guarantee mats will be within 1/2" of your dimensions, though we are often much more precise than that.

We would love to partner with you! OverPowered mats are a great way to improve your customer service for the game mats, eliminate the need for the inventory, free up your cash flow, and make you instantly profitable selling mats for your games. This is perfect for both big and small companies as our minimum order quantity is 1 mat. We will have a licensed mat section on our website that companies are welcome to use. This allows customers visiting our site to also view what branded mats we make on behalf of the other companies, increasing your visibility and sales. Since we print-on-demand, we are able to ship to customers on your behalf. The low minimum order quantity is also perfectly suited for creating mats to show off your games at conventions and provide a nice play surface for test players. They are also an exceptional way to prototype new "board" designs for your upcoming games. There are so many options. If you are interested in learning more, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at